Ever compared your lives with clouds?

Sometimes it seems to be something so distinct.
You seem to know what you see.
Patterns, figures, or just random signs.
You know it is not going to be still,
yet you can figure out how it will be.
It keeps moving, all calm and focused,
against the bright sunlight
and the cheerful blue sky.
Clouds seem to know where they are heading to.

But, at times, it is all scattered and dispersed.
You cannot make anything out of it.
Though the sun seems bright and the sky is blue,
you cannot picture where the clouds are heading to.

Then, there are days when it's gloomy and silent.
The clouds are darker than the sky behind.
You can feel the storm coming;
you know it is going to rain.
And with it, it is going to bring dust
and will fill out the drains.

It thunders and pours.
Sometimes it's for few hours,
while other times it lasts for days.

When the rains have gone and the darkness is over,
it leaves everything empty and mundane.

And, then comes a day;
when the sun is bright and the sky is blue.
After the rains there is a rainbow which you can see,
and the clouds are moving and dancing again.


  1. Some times one can board on clouds... To meet with rainbow... To bring colours to ones life.


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