The guy's story.

There are times when people write about a couple who broke up and both moved on or sometimes just one of the two moves on. More often than not, people talk about the girl's pain and suffering and love and what-not.

Ever thought about the guy who, when goes through a breakup, gets shattered?

Some have good friends who help them recover. Some have supportive families. Some are strong enough themselves.
But, what about those who fall under none of the above mentioned categories?

They get torn apart from the inside. They cannot share. They cannot cry out their heart. All they could do is keep calling the girl they love and do nothing about it!

The girl, on the other hand, has moved on with another guy or another adventure or is just single, not ready to fall for another just because that is too much drama.
Some girls claim to still love the guy but is not ready to be together (for some God-only-knows-what reasons of her own mind)!
Well, having said that, let us read something from the guy's life, for a change!

When you move out of somebody's life,
you leave a trail behind

Either that person turns his back and changes his path
or waits at the end of the trail forever

While waiting, he goes through turmoil, emotionally and mentally
that you won't even understand

That stay may change his life forever, or even leave him shattered
you may never come to know

His life may completely be changed, from bad to worse
and you are to be blamed

He ruins himself, out of hate, out of anger, out of frustration
yet cannot recover from the pain you inflicted on him

He buries himself in work, cuts all ties from the world, his family
all because he hates himself now

He hates himself for not being able to hold you with him forever
for not being able to love you enough

He works, eats and sleeps, but all he actually does is think of you
as a routine, it has become mandate

He has a family, who never talks, doesn't bother anymore or cares
if he will even return from work or not

He cries, in loneliness, deceit and agony; what has become of his life
which was happy; he had a family that loved

Now all he does is wait for a day when he could either die in peace
or win back your love forever!

P.S.:- This is not fiction. This is truth. About the guy a girl loved and when she quits on him, how the guy's life takes form from bad to worse!
The girl is me.


  1. Hmm, all the guy needs is a new girl who won't walk away.

  2. A good read.
    Its not easy to find that perfect girl (or one whom you start to think perfect) and things fall apart the harsh world of a guy never helps to mend things together.
    They say only love and care mends a broken heart but given then low gender ratio and even lower ratio of girls willing to be involved, things doesnt seem bright for the guy.

    1. I understand your perspective.
      But here, it's less about finding the perfect girl and more about surviving the loss of the girl whom the guy loved madly, unfortunately!
      More so, when the girl left the guy without giving thoughts about the possible consequences.

    2. yes. its empty life there on.
      a constant struggle to distract oneself.

  3. The good part is the guy is still alive, he might be emotionally shattered but still coping with the world hiding his pain,ithink he will never explore for love again. Buta day comes when he will be completly all right and lets hope for the happy ending of our hindi movies

  4. If its true then its very uncommen these days, rare find these guys


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