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This is my favorite!

A sweet episode with that voice.

So this guy Azim, *drools* has this heavenly voice. Who Azim? *drools some more* Read on.
A boring night as always. I was busy distracting myself into the ocean of Internet. Nothing to do at all. Toggled between Twitter and Facebook. Opened few pages that popped as an ad or something. One such ad was about a University.
Some Online Distance MBA from certain recognized university. Out of curiosity, I browsed through the website. Nay! Didn't find anything worth. All of a sudden a chat window appeared with something written (I don't remember the entire thing, so I better not mention it here) in the bottom right corner of the screen. This is the usual place to find the chat boxes in almost every (random) website these days. Well, this Live Chat facility helps the customers or say, prospective customers to inquire and get help. Wait, where am I taking this to! I'm not writing a blog to discuss the pros and cons of a Live Chat box. Do'h!
Back to the point; I started typing i…

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