When you no longer live in the past - the dead end!

When it all ends
The End

Past hurts, doesn't it?

This blog, for me, is like an old journal which captured my memories, moments of dilemma and hurt. I no longer want to read it - trying to run away from it, you may say.

While most of you might think it isn't necessary, I need to shut this blog down.

I could've deleted the blog - that would've not changed the past, could it?

So I let the blog live, but I declare not to add anything to it, further.

Thus, I close the door to my past. 
I am glad I wrote. 
I will continue to write.

Not here, anymore.

P.S.:- For those who want to read my words, come visit me at obliviousdragon.wordpress.com 
Thanks! :)


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