Make me your diary

Don't make me fall for you so hard.
Don't make me give you all my heart.

Every word you say in a not-so-right way,
Every time you cut my stories and thoughts which I want to share, mid-way,
You break a part of me; I slip a bit from you, away!

Tell me what I mean to you, or do you even care?
Loving me on bed doesn't prove every thing, I repeat.
Oh yes, I'm sorry for acting like an over-attached girlfriend,
being irritating and possessive; tell me to stop, I plead!

All I want is to be loved and accepted as I am, not just desired and wanted for.
I'm sorry love, for the love songs doesn't soothe me anymore
I'm addicted, addicted to the way you hold me, to your kisses too
I need time, time for you to keep me in your arms whole night
Is that really too much that I ask for?

I agree, I cannot carry the act of that not-so-possessive-girlfriend anymore 
that is because, I want you to be mine, once and for all.
I may say I don't need all your attention, but baby, I'm insecure,
I may never say, but I hate it when you drool over Anne Hathaway's lips sitting right beside me.
It's not so easy, you see, loving you and still not letting myself be;
holding myself at a distance, when all I desire is to give my soul to you.
I'm scared, bruised from past; uncertain if you will take me for granted like everybody else did,
Yes, I want you to let me know how beautiful I am, just to you!
How you want to spend your days and nights, just thinking about me!

I know I've messed up things a little bit, made you angry too
but trust me, nothing matters more than those 2 cups of tea together and
talking endlessly about how we make fun of others
And how I note down in my mind, so similar yet so different you are from me!

I want you to trust me, and tell me all your secrets, desires and fears
Not because I want to just know or I'm curious,
But because I'll keep it with me forever, just how the diary does it for me!


  1. make me your diary & share your every moment with you....
    Nice flow of emotions.


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