You belong with me!

You belong to that thought in my mind which I'm too scared to write about.
Too scared to let the world know. Too scared to show!

But it's too hard to keep it with myself now, I want you to know
When you kissed me to sleep that night and gave me butterflies;
And then you said I smiled in sleep, when I woke up in your arms in daylight;
It was then I fell for you, couldn't imagine you out of my sight.

I fell in love with your tenderness, the way you stroked my hair strands.
The way you held me for the first time, your hesitation to kiss me.
When you shared your insecurities and your hopes; and your thoughts.
That smile. I fell in love with the way you touched my soul that night.

You had your ways to make me yours, darling let me explain it for you.

You let me sleep within you, mesmerized by your caress
You touched me, felt me, pinned me to the wall,
Just feeling the breath silently, hesitant to kiss;
We both stood there still, with closed eyes and the warmth on the lips

With courage and want, I held you close; not letting you go
The warmth of your kiss, I still remember on me.
The way you held my waist, softly enough to give me goosebumps,
Firmly enough to make me feel wanted (if I can say so).

You let me lose myself in you; completely, carelessly.
The way your fingers played with mine, the way your hand touched mine
The way your drew the curtains, to not make me feel conscious
To keep me safe from the prying eyes of the world.

With every drop of saliva we mixed, with every bit of our skin touching each other
With my hair strand touching your neck, with every part of us coming close enough
You kept the distance, you kept me from stopping it midway
Yet you kept me going, kept me longing for more!

And then, it reminds me of the day when you painted me with your love
The day we chose to be one, chose to bare our souls as well.

With your fingers running over my body, slowly, lovingly
With your lips touching my bare skin; you drew me closer to you
With every little inch reducing our distance physically
I came closer to your soul from your heart, magically!

I remember each count of my heavy breath that night,
When we made endless love up till daylight
I remember how shy I was, to let you have me all
It was new to me sweetheart, after all

The best thing is you like to cuddle more often
Which I've heard is not a very common sight
I never had imagined to be with you this way
To feel so drawn that I have to give it away
You know what I'm talking about, right?

Nobody loved me like this before, neither did anyone desire me so much
I thank you for letting me know the difference between the (in)famous "sex"
And the wonderful feeling of letting yourself go, called "making-love".
I pray that you never have to become my Ex!
Jokes apart, with every passing night I became your part
Unknowingly and unfortunately, I think, I gave you my heart. <3

With every other night when I'm forced to be alone; I can say
My longing for you increases to manifold, day by day
I don't care if this poem rhymes or not
Trust me my love, I won't let you go 'coz you are so HOT!

Now, I think I'm addicted.
I smell your breath on the bottles of water you have sipped from.
I feel you by my side when I'm alone, thinking about you.
I still make two cups of tea even when you're not with me.
I hear the same song all the time which played when we made love.
Look, your phone call made me smile.
No, it's not love. It's something else.

But baby, if this is love, again. I'm scared to fail, one more time.
Scared to scar another heart. Scared to feel the guilt again.
Be the strong wind on my face that ruffles my hair.
Be the tiny rain drops which soothes and hurts the face at the same time.
Heal me and love me at the same time, maybe?

P.S.:- This is the first time I'm writing on this topic. Forgive me if it's not up to the mark. Feedback is always welcome. :)


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