Did you fall in love just once?

A typical love story. Guy cheats. Girl is shattered. She never loved again. Disbelieves in the concept of Love. 

And, so many people have so many things to say. Why?
Why is it that you blame a person or any emotion for the decisions that you take in future? Why let one single emotion rule your future or even your present? Why not take it as an experience, learn from it, respect that it happened, and move on. Move on and love again. Get hurt or shattered beyond repair again, maybe. Why not?

Why define or go by what people have to say about Love?
They say let the right person or right time engulf you into the oceans of love. I say, why not keep travelling on the path of life and fall in love every time you get a chance.

Isn't being in love the most beautiful feeling?
I have seen people falling in love with the perfect kind of person they dream of and still being so unhappy in life.
I have also seen people, falling in and out of love so easily and still brimming with happiness every single day.
What do you think might be the difference?
The thoughts? The principles? The morality? The attitude? The character? Or is the way of living?

Being deeply in love doesn't mean people don't feel low and don't experience pain from the loved ones. They do. Some accept it as a fact and live with it. While others move on in search of new possibilities. New possibilities doesn't mean infidelity. What if the person believes that he/she deserves better. Or say, is not loved enough. Or maybe is just unhappy. Moving on, from one relation to another is most of the times considered not appropriate in our society.

I fail to understand why!
It is always better to move out of a relation instead of staying into a relationship and getting choked!
There are people whom I know who should move out of a relation instead of staying and cheating.

You see, there is so much to say.
Just reading the fairy tales and waiting for the right one won't help in the times like today's. You have to go out, search for that poor fellow. What if he is about to get run by a train because he thinks there is nobody made for him.

Moreover, you have to kiss few frogs before you get your prince!
Isn't it? ;)

P.S.:- I have written this from a girl's perspective. Guys, don't mind. I had to use the "kissing-the-frog" thing, you see! Hence. Cheers! :D 


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