Do you have an opinion?

Everybody has an opinion these days, about almost anything under the sun.

Is that wrong?
I don't think so. Why would that be wrong, I ask? If everybody has a different mindset, a different thought process, a different cultural background; that person must have opinions.

But, there is a difference between being opinionated and having a particular set of opinions about something. But having no opinions at all?

For example, I had this room-mate when I was in college (my graduation days) who would never take a stand about anything. Be it having a best friend or liking fuchka or not. If we (roomies) ever discussed about things, had a fight or disagreement over things, she would never take a stand or side. She was always neutral.
I really hated her for that. I mean, having your own set of opinions and disagreeing with others' is not a crime. But all she did was kept withdrawing herself from the discussions and saving herself from being asked about her thoughts or opinions. She never took sides. Why did she do that?
To be in the good books of everybody!

Somebody tell her, that's not possible. Ever.
However, if you have opinions and disagree with friends' opinion, you will still be respected for having your opinion. At least you have something to stand by. You have a spine!

Every time I rebuked her about this, she would always say that she didn't want to upset friends and that she is not interested in discussing things which might lead to a fight. I mean, what rubbish!
Now, after 5 years, nobody of us (roomies) want to be in contact with her. Not because we hate her (I do!) but because its always useless to have a friend who is always just sweet with you and trying to please you. We don't know what she would do in certain situation because we don't know what stand she would take. Very confusing indeed!

The worst thing was, she was that kind of a bitch who used to agree to everything you say as long as you are with her. With change of company, she will agree to everything that the new company(friends) has to say. She was least trustworthy!
She was in fact a strange creature. She thought, just because she didn't speak much and kept everything to herself, she could cover up her faults easily. Silly girl she was!
She once stole my camera and took it with her to a trip somewhere with her boyfriend. However, when I came to know about the theft, I immediately checked around. Since she was already gone, she thought she could not be blamed at all. However, I called her up and told her that there has been a theft and I'll go to police. The way she tried to convince me not to go and suggested that maybe another room-mate of mine might have stolen it, said it all. There was such a big drama!

However, later I found my camera in my bestie's bag (which I had already checked when I came to know of the theft)!
This happened only after she returned from her trip. Wow.
What did it say about her?
That she thought I will doubt my best friend. Nay! I did not.

Having said that, I did not take any action against her. Why? Considering the type of person she is, she will get to know her worth someday. Why ruin my hands?!

I don't know why I wrote this all of a sudden, but I needed to let this out. There are chances she might read this, but who cares!

P.S.:- Thanks for reading! :)


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