The decision.

 “My life seems more like a series of mistakes piled up with every step instead of a journey…”

This is what I think every time I hear some inspirational speech about the journey called life and motivational thoughts related to people’s experiences.

Who am I kidding?
My life has been full of mistakes and failures, like every other normal person. However, I would not transform any of my experiences to any sort of inspiration. Why? Because, every body’s life has ups and downs, solely based on decisions!

Decision- I have taken many, failed almost all of them. Interestingly, of all impromptu, quick-wit decisions I have taken in life, those related to my career have been the weirdest. Somewhat faulty, I can say.

There, I was sitting with the newspaper and a cup of tea one morning; where I caught a glimpse of an advertisement. It followed a series of phone-calls and numerous questions thrown on the poor counsellor. I was deciding upon taking admission to an MBA course.
The college was: Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship And Development!
All said and done, I finally landed in an institution planning for an MBA course, with my dreams and hopes high; which fell directly in line with my parents’ expectations.

What’s strikingly different about my college is, it’s highly interactive. You could possibly stare at the walls around and be in deep thought and nobody will consider you to be even slightly insane. The reason being, the innovative way of using every possible inch of space. The classrooms are not numbered, instead they’re dedicated. Dedicated to famous personalities from history with pictures and quotes.
The new faces were welcomed with warmth and excitement with an entire event dedicated to us- The Orientation Program. We got to know almost all of us.

Needless to say, it seemed to me all of a sudden that my pursuit of wrong decisions has finally ended. The choice has been made and for good!

As if, every missed opportunity felt a need to give a second chance to me. Pieces falling into place, at last!


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