Are you feverish today?

It's a rare thing when I write something not-so-emotional or rude or whatever kind of things I write usually. This is definitely not the same thing. Lets see how!

10 things to do when you're feverish.

1) Bunk College (That's a YAY!)-
This is also a great thing when you have some assignments to submit or a presentation to make in class. You have a valid excuse the next day and even your friends support you. Even if nobody believes, at least you can justify your excuse to your brain to not feel pathetic about it! 

2) Lay motionless on bed for no specific reason-
This can be tiring because then you would (all of a sudden) think that since you have already missed college and you have an entire day with you to waste, why not SHOP! (If you are not broke, that is!)
Alas! You are feverish, remember. So, you just lay there doing nothing or instead play random scenes from your imagination that's never gonna happen anyway!

3) Do weird things which you do when you're low-
Like washing the dishes. Yes, when you are feverish, you are lazy (that's understood) but you can go sweat a little and play with water and feel good about nothing in particular. At the end of it, you will have a clean set of dishes. You can wash clothes too. 
Well, that's the least favorite on my list, though!

4) Open a book- read-
Well, that's almost impossible for me since I'm just done with my internal exams. For others, it's just a suggestion. I understand how hard it is to handle books!
Alternatively, you can dust the books and clean them if not read. I know you've not touched them for ages! *grins*

5) Listen to music-
Since you do it any other day anyway, I won't suggest you this. This might make you feel that it's just a normal 'everyday' and you might feel good and less feverish. Well, that ruins the fun of it!
But people who get depressed by even a sneeze or two, go hear some music and feel better.

6)Arrange and Rearrange your clothes-
Well, I will never try it.
Why? 'Coz my cupboard is a mess and if I try to arrange it, I might just opt for suicide instead.
You guys can try doing it. You may find an old tee or forgotten cloth and you can try wearing it (if it still fits or if it is in proper condition) and think or plan about when to wear it next. See, very productive!

7) Arrange class notes in order-
And, discard the cheats which you made for the exams!
Since you get notes almost everyday and have no time to arrange, you can do it today. You might as well give it a read. Don't do it if you hate studies. You may die of being feverish then! *smirks*

8) Change your bed-sheet-
For people living alone, I know you have understood it why!
Changing bed sheets is healthy. Do it. It will make you exercise and sweat which might help you shed your fever. Who knows, you may find a lost 100 rupee note. Say 'Wheee!' if you find it! :-)

9) Drink 'Chai'-
There is no end to it. No rules. Drink as much as you want. Nobody will tell you not to if you have even a slightest bit of fever. Yay-ness, no?

10) Write a blog about it!
This is the best part. Even you can. I just did. ;-)

Enjoy reading.

P.S.:- The suggestions are not in order. You can choose any or all of of 'em. Your wish. Happy reading. :-)


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