A sweet episode with that voice.

So this guy Azim, *drools* has this heavenly voice. Who Azim? *drools some more* Read on.

A boring night as always.
I was busy distracting myself into the ocean of Internet. Nothing to do at all. Toggled between Twitter and Facebook. Opened few pages that popped as an ad or something. One such ad was about a University.

Some Online Distance MBA from certain recognized university. Out of curiosity, I browsed through the website. Nay! Didn't find anything worth. All of a sudden a chat window appeared with something written (I don't remember the entire thing, so I better not mention it here) in the bottom right corner of the screen. This is the usual place to find the chat boxes in almost every (random) website these days. Well, this Live Chat facility helps the customers or say, prospective customers to inquire and get help.
Wait, where am I taking this to! I'm not writing a blog to discuss the pros and cons of a Live Chat box. Do'h!

Back to the point; I started typing in the chat box. Few greetings later, I was busy throwing queries at the associate who was chatting with me. Various queries, real ones too. Just to let that person know that I'm quite serious about doing a distance MBA. Hahaha!

Everything done, I asked the Associate AZIM to e-mail me the prospectus and the various details I should be informed about regarding the admissions and fees and everything. I never checked my e-mail. I saw an e-mail but ignored. Of course, I was NOT interested.

Few days later I get a call, and I hear the most heavenly voice over phone. The guy introduced himself and reminded me about our chat. Damn, I fell for his voice right then. The best thing was, he spoke with fluency and with no grammatical mistake (maybe I didn't notice 'coz his voice was...umm…delicious :P ). And, I'm a sucker for smooth English. He did not stammer or searched for words. He was so comfortable in the language he was talking. Ah!

I made few excuses about financial issues and asked for some time. I told him I would get back to him within that week. I never did. Then, I disconnected and forgot. I'm always this distracted.

He called up again sometime later, with the same heavenly voice! I told him that I'm in a fix if I should opt for a distance course or not. Gave him fake excuses and asked for some more time. By now, I clearly wanted him to call me again. Hehe. Then, one perfect starry night, I searched for the university's name (yes, I had totally forgotten the details) on Google as I couldn't find the details in the mail-box. Found it and started to chat.

This time it was some Manisha over the chat. I bluntly told her I wanted to talk to Azim as I need to discuss few things and I didn't want to go through the pain of explaining my situation to her all over again. She transferred the chat to Azim. I chatted and confidently asked about the fees structure and stuff just to sound more determined this time. Gosh! I'm so fake.

Later, in about a week's time he gave me a call again and I told him that I wouldn't be able to join the current batch. Not just that, so that he could keep calling me, I added that I would think of joining the batch from December. :D
His voice is such a creamy bowl of something.

He gave me a call last night. I told him that I'll not be opting for any distance course whatsoever. He suggested me to go for a regular course instead. I gave him some philosophical shit about why I'm not interested in MBAs and then told him my plan instead. We chatted along. In the end, he wished me luck for my future endeavors and disconnected. How I wish I could talk to him forever. Alas!

P.S.:- It's just a random episode of my life. Nothing very serious or funny. I do not want to convey anything. NOTHING. Not even that I flirt with almost everybody. :D :D


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  2. I never knew you write so well. I really liked it and will definitely try to read all your episodes.
    Respect to the writer inside you...

    Mind you, Respect to THE WRITER!!!

    1. Thank you so much Prayag. You're too kind to say that. Hope to keep writing and entertaining. :)


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