Snakes, I tell you!

Scene 1: There is a snake slithering in the dark and gloomy lane of a forest.

*there are footsteps behind*
*the snake gets out of sight, suddenly*

Scene 2: *the footsteps stops*

There is a lady, most beautifully clad in ornaments and precious stones.
There is a guy who was following the snake.
The lady turns around.
Mesmerized, the guy falls in love.
Starts to talk.
Asks about her whereabouts.
Tells her to be careful as there are many snakes around.

She thanks and asks how many snakes has he killed so far.
He replies that he had been lucky just once.
"That snake must have been deadly!", he added.

"No, it wasn't!", she snapped back.
"You killed my husband, you moron!"
"Now, prepare to die as I am destined to take the revenge", she glared back.

"But, you're are human, are you not? Such a beauty!" he dared to ask, unmoved by the possible consequence.
"Why would you murder me for killing a goddam snake?! And what nonsense, he was your HUSBAND?" he shouted.
"You've gone insane, lady! Are you actually drunk and lost?"

The snake-lady kept the gaze on him.
The pupils turned to a different color.
The guy sensed something fishy.

"Whatever made you dress all gaudy and run around in the forest like that?"
"Well, then be it, I'm going to find that snake and kill it too. If you need any help, ask for it or shout, okay?", handed her a torch and with that he started to move.

*lightning sound*

The guy turns back.
The lady is gone in a jiffy.
There is a snake on the branch of the tree.

Perplexed, he tries to catch it and kill. In another split second, the lady re-appears.
"Hey! What are you doing here again?" he asked, amazed.

"I'm that snake you're looking for!" she said with a smirk and a hysterical laugh.

In the next few seconds, the revenge was taken.


Now, my question is, why do Indian movies show such kind of silly stuff?
Where have the script writers or the directors or the brains of a movie read that when a so-called Icchadhari snake takes human form, it is all well dressed and has ornaments worth lakhs to adorn? Even the male ones.
I ask, why do snake people need ornaments in the first place?
They even know how to speak our language. As if they were learning it while hanging down from trees and hiding inside holes. Such a fail!

When I was a kid and saw movies like Naagin (Rina Roy) and other such bland movies, I always wondered where do they carry the things they wear after the transformation?
Snake pouches?
Or do they have magical powers? WHATEVER!
This is the reason why, inspite of all the criticism and stuff, I liked the concept of the movie HISSSSS! (pardon me if I have not used the correct number of 'S's :P ) At least Mallika Sherawat didn't speak or could magically appear or disappear from places to catch the culprit. Haha.

This is a major reason, I have trust issues. Huh!

P.S.- This is my personal view. Has nothing to do with anybody else's thoughts or anything. Just saying! Happy reading. :)


  1. the roots lie in the myths.

    1. I believe so. But, why such weird concepts?
      Forget it!
      Thanks for reading, though. :)

  2. Yes why do snakr people need ornaments. . :(


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