The moment you show your love- a little less,
there comes a bit of stress
it seems you take her love for granted
and she feels a little less wanted.

She doesn't doubt you, no way
she feels bits of loneliness and dismay
All she wanted was, to be treated as the only one
the distance is increasing, she is blaming none.

She expects more than needed, you say
all she asks for is a little attention, which you never pay
Is it too much if she asks for all the love you have;
in return of the times she gives in, to your lust and crave?

All she desires is to let her know how beautiful she is to you
that it doesn't bother you if prettier girls surround you
if you know she feels insecure, hold her tight
don't let "not-good-enough" seep into her mind, whichever way you might.

When there are better looking guys around and she holds your hand tight
don't let it go, make her feel that by choosing you she did right
tell her, show her that your love is true;
make her believe that it won't change like how seasons do.

And if you notice, she is drifting away, don't doubt her fidelity
'cause it may be you who never noticed her heart's beauty
and while you were taking her for granted
her smile, her tenderness, left somebody else enchanted.

It's human to sway towards love, it may not be cheating
if you think chaining her with conditions and beating
would bring her back, make her faithful to you forever
You're mistaken, she is already gone, taken.

No, she doesn't love another guy
either "love" has lost the meaning for her midway
or she is fed up of you, staying beautiful
and putting up that fake smile hurts even more
and that LOVE has become just a word

One fine day, she won't see the morning sun
the songs she used to sing, she wouldn't be there to hum
the pain and worthlessness she felt all the time
is beyond what she can endure, you're still not moved

At last, she would resort to die, UN-LOVED!


  1. I know where this came from so I ll refrain myself to say something I wanted to! Mid of the poem was classic.

  2. Nice 1..
    Sun rha hun.. ro rha hai tu :P lol
    get over it


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