Excuse me?

I've always wondered why does it happen that only when a guy is not that good looking that he finds his girl beautiful (not talking about times when both are super-hot and gorgeous, actor types). Tells her that he is lucky to have her just because he is not that good-looking. Why asking for a favor? Why do girls accept such compliments?
Also, if the girl is with average looks and the boy is  kind of below-average why do both have to be with each other just because they think they would not get any other, any better (or worse)?
Why do we become so judgmental?
When we see a dark-chubby guy with a pretty lady, why do we say "Must be money."
Why do we judge instantly?
Not every girl runs after money?
Not every fat-dark-short guy is rich.
There are other factors. The guy must be super-funny. C'mon, chicks love funny men, no?

I don't understand this I'm-doing-a-favor-by-loving-you-because-you-won't-get-someone-better-looking-than-me ideology. To be honest, I've been through this.
I was younger then, maybe 16 or 17, not very good-looking. Darker than what I'm today, eye-brows not done, tanned and maybe fatter, least girly and groomed.
I'm a changed person now. The guy who taunted me once for my looks saying that I shouldn't quit the relationship with him coz I may not find any better looking man is single, old and fat. Hah!

I'm not bragging or something. All I want to say is, why judge someone on the looks?

I see guys with pretty girls with them and still drooling over other girls, just because that girl is single (Read: available), or has a better (physical) feature than his girl. I don't understand.

On the flip side, what's it with girls always wanting a guy who would compliment their looks? What do you think you are?
I know, it's your choice and stuff, but dude, find love, forget looks.
As a girl, all I would ask in my guy is maturity, sense of humor, pleasant attitude, decent manners, ability to keep me happy, one who won't make me jealous or not-good-enough, and with a dash of craziness.
Enough said!


  1. A very deep and touchy piece of elucidation.

  2. it must be based on usual happenings ha?
    there are certainly other type too.. nha?


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