My First Movie Review

Director: Ayan Mukherji
Release Date: 31st May, 2013
Language: Hindi
Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Kalki Koechlin, Kunal Roy Kapoor and Farooq Sheikh.
Genre: Romance

It was second day, night show. I had to rush home, so came out of the theatre as soon as the "Battameez dil" song got over. It was okay-ish, I thought.
Sometimes, it is the way something ends which makes you think about the entire experience, good or bad. I felt it as a mediocre, same old, with a very common storyline. Next time, I went out with friends. I watched till the end. The entire experience was different this time.

The story starts in a wonderful way. Gifts were being packed and sent to different places. Hustle around. Flowers, decorations, music were all around the place. Kabira, playing in the background. Then, I see the beautiful Deepika Padukone talking about memories.

Next was Kalki Koechlin. Fighting with a kid in a super-market. Rugged looks. That I'm-a-wild-cat-wearing-torn-shorts-with-large-headphones-around-the-neck look, to be precise. It was a nice start. Enters: Naina (Deepika Padukone), in a skirt with glasses, looking like a nerd. They recognize each other from school. Now, Aditi (Kalki) talks about career, studies and Bunny.

Bunny. Ranbir Kapoor helping some "firangs" get an interview of a prostitute done in exchange of money. How cool is that? Wait, it's not over yet. Enters: MOHINI (Madhuri Dixit Nene).
She is still that charming, vivacious and full of energy. And Mohini? Remember "Ek do teen..." from Tezaab? Yes. She made the screen sizzle with her thumkaas and her nakhraas. Looking gorgeous as ever, Ghaagraa was a nice peppy number to start with. I bet you'd dance with Mohini while the song is on.

The story revolves around friendships, love- lost and found, relationships, bonding, family and most of all, priorities in life!

The pre-interval is all about how they (Bunny, Aditi, Avinash and later joined by Naina along with others) go on a trek. Manali. They have fun, create memories and realize love. Oh yes, Naina sneaked out of her house for the trek. This experience makes her believe how awesome she is. Thanks to bunny, who constantly makes her realize that she is more than just a nerd with no friends.

The movie continues to give us a feeling that we do connect with the various characters in some way or the other. Be it, having no specific career goals in life like Aditi, risking-losing-risking-again-and-losing-yet-again like Avi, being too conscious about oneself with almost no friends or adventures in life except for the monotonous books like Naina or doing anything to everything that one feels like to live life on one's own terms and sacrificing relationships instead; like Bunny.

The cinematography is beautiful. The movie shows the stories of each of the characters in packets, flashing from past and present simultaneously.  The songs are beautiful. I can’t say which one is my favorite. I’ve been listening to the entire album on repeat!

With time, Naina and Aditi become best of friends. Aditi loved Avi, but it he never noticed. Naina fell in love with Bunny during the trek but couldn’t express as Bunny went abroad to live his dreams as soon as the trek ended. There was a clash in friendships. Misunderstanding, lack of communication, anger, helplessness and all the emotions very common these days was beautifully shown.

Time flies. Naina is a doctor. Avi has a bar of his own. Aditi, well, she is well off too. Just when Bunny gets an offer which he cannot refuse, he gets an e-mail from Aditi. A video, inviting him to her marriage. Old friends meet. There is awkwardness, discomfort, distance between friends and happiness to see each other after so long too. Aditi is marrying a big-shot, Taran (Kunal Roy Kapoor). She is happy. More than that, she is glad that her friends have joined. Rest is all about re-kindled romance, friends re-uniting, forgiveness, and realizations. Naina finally lets out that she is in Love with Bunny.
Bunny can’t stay. He cannot deny the love as well. What will he do? He has already lost his father (Farooq Sheikh) because chasing his dreams was more important. Will he lose Naina too?
You got to watch the movie to know the rest. I’ve already written about the entire movie!
The songs Battameez Dil, Balam pichkaari and Dilli waali girlfriend are the USPs of the movie. Oh wait! Kabira is beautiful. If you’ve heard the songs and love them, you will love them in the movie as well. Perfectly placed, I meant!

Everything was awesome about the movie, except for Kalki’s dance moves. Pathetic!
This movie had so many things other than the love angle. So inspiring for the youth of today and very touching at some points while making the heart light at other moments. Aayan Mukherjee > *takes a bow*

Moments that took my heart away:

--When Naina talks about being stuck with books to her Mum. That conversation. Hilarious, stupid and food for thought. I could totally relate, at least at some points. Lack of adventures and friends for life.

--When Bunny tells Naina about her positive points. We all needs friends who would make us realize our worth, time to time, no?

--When Aditi tells Bunny how being with Taran doesn't change her life completely, but gives her that extra bit of happiness. The realization of Love.

--That pillow fight between Bunny and Avi. 

--The kind of chemistry Bunny shared with his father. 

--Last but not the least, that dialogue of Naina when she and Bunny goes out to see Udaipur, which translates to,

"In life, you may not get or achieve everything at a particular point of time. 
You cannot always run/chase your dreams and aspirations. 
You cannot have everything. 
You have to let go of some things, at times. 
Sometimes, all you have to do is, sit at one place and enjoy everything that is there at that moment. 
That is Life!"

I give the movie 3.75/5 stars. You can watch this movie more than 2 times. Yes.

I have written more than enough. I can go on and on. Let’s cut it right away!

P.S.:- Sorry for writing SUCH A LONG POST about one movie. Couldn't decide which parts to not write about. :/


  1. Mind blowing done but too much detailed, kuch toh baaki rehti, but far far better than mine! Loved it :)

    1. I couldn't decide what not to include. :/ Anyway, thanks do much. And please, don't compare. Now rate my review, will you? :P


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