Lately, I have started writing things on any topic with a question. This time, I won’t.

There are days when you completely feel lost. You have no idea about what’s going on or what you are supposed to be doing around in life. Trust me, I experience too many of such days.
Today was different.

I am a person, who, when proved wrong would just keep quiet and let the other person shout back or blame or complain. I listen patiently. That itself is a gesture that I’m sorry. I seldom use the word “sorry”. Not because I'm stubborn or arrogant or a snob but because somewhere deep inside I’ve come to believe that “sorry” has lost its meaning, entirely.
Today I said “sorry”. Hah! Not a big thing to write about, I know. Also, the reason was not even dramatic enough. (Ugh, I hate when I myself disrupt the flow of sentiments!)
Today’s sorry was not because the issue was of huge concern but because I wanted to erase that belief in me that saying “sorry” is considered to be a fake thing to do. Having said that, this sorry doesn't mean I get to repeat my mistakes. NO. *Hahaha*

Oh well, I was actually talking about days when you not feel lost and stuff, no? Gah. I’m too much of a distraction myself!

It was a pretty light and peppy day. As a matter of fact, I gave my first exam for my internals, quite miserably! *I have no regrets, yeah!* To add on to the day's excitement, we managed to somehow trick one of our teachers to believe that we don't have a class with her. Two hours of free time. *Can you believe it? Are we not geniuses? :D*

Apart from the fun stuff, I held a real book in hand after ages (not literally!). Read the book while on the bus returning homeward (just like old times). Later, I took a break from this world in between at DOMINOS with an out-of-the-world pizza (Pizzas are amazing, isn't it?). I kept reading, completely soaked with the words of the story the book portrayed.

The best part was while all this was happening, I had almost a million thoughts running inside my mind simultaneously which, unfortunately, passed by just like that, in a jiffy!
In fact, after returning home, I actually cleaned up my flat a bit. Also, the shelf which begged for my attention since I-don't-know-when was taken care of and rearranged! *I'm so proud of myself* *winks*

I'm so freaking delighted that I ended up writing this as soon as I touched my pen and diary!



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