The end!

Heart was broken, the soul burnt
indecisive about the future
I lived my life, day by day
taking every step ahead; unsure

You came by to hold my hand
I have no love to give, I said
all you needed was company for lifetime
unaware, gave you my hand; I failed!

With you by my side, hand in hand
we danced and made merry day and night
so happy I was in your company that
never noticed when the night turned into daylight.

My happy days are always counted, I guess
with every passing day, we gave less, expected more
I often wondered if by any chance
our ship of love would reach the shore.

You took me for granted, like everybody
I used harsh words, for that I'm sorry
I know I'm difficult at times unfortunately
broken hearts don't mend easily or in a hurry!

"Whatever I do, is never enough", you say
Oh no! This shouldn't have happened
Have I become a liability that you bear now?
I don't know how to react- I'm stunned!

I am not a thing which you have to please
Remember, I was supposed to be your companion?
In times good or bad I'd stay, I promised
Only if it mattered now. (I wish I was a minion!)

When things are falling apart, you blame me
Blames? I question, is it all I deserve?
Where is the love, concern and care I gave?
Just the hate? Nothing good will you preserve?

You say, my love was fake
Is that what I gave you my heart for?
I could not love you like first, I agree
But FAKE? EVERYTHING till date, you sure?

P.S.:- This must be the last of all the love-lorn poems I write. End of story, you can say. :P
          Past, at times, haunts us till we take every bit of the memory out. This is the last bit, I believe!
Thanks for reading :) 


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