Feeling blue.

What do you think you're good at?

Jot it down on a paper.
Make it a habit of writing that thing every fucking day. Go on till you make up your mind to make it your best quality even if you're not really good at it.

Wait, let me give an example.
You think you can sing really nice. Just don't keep singing. Ask for genuine feedback. If you find people not liking it, quit. Wait, if you still want to sing, don't quit.

Get your ass up and work hard for it. You may not have the talent, but atleast you can practice and make it. Not everybody is naturally talented, you see.

And, yes, stop acting all desolate sitting in a corner and whine about your life. People may come and talk to you, but trust me, it would be just out of empathy or sympathy or whatever moroninc part of the speech you may choose it to be!

And yes, if you think the people who support you are the best people in your life, you are utterly wrong!

I agree, 98 out of every 100 who will bully you or pull your leg or laugh at you or try to bring you down has nothing to do with your well-being or whatever shit.
But, the other 2 are the ones who have had similar experiences and have learnt from them and are just trying to help you do the same. Who knows!

Consider this. When you are bullied or laughed upon what the normal people do is stick to people who are sympathetic towards them. DO NOT DO THIS. You don't gain anything out of it. Nothing!
Instead stick around people who inspire you. There are chances you will be shooo'ed away or ignored. Never mind. Because, if you be with them atleast you get to know where you need  to improve mate!

Never, I repeat, never let sympathy take you forward in life. Let people laugh. But, don't hate them. Let them hurt your ego. Of course, don't get suicidal, silly (PRO TIP).
You never know, even they must have been laughed upon. So, hold on to your will and be fair. Just because somebody else is getting some opportunity, you have no right to complain unless you were denied the same opportunity based on bias.

You cannot complain about lost opportunities and your own failures. Okay? Okay!

Now, set things straight in your mind. Focus on what you want to achieve instead of what others are and for God's sake stop comparing who all went ahead of you. Make your own targets. Fulfill them. But learn from others as well!
 Now go ahead. Rule the world!

Good Luck reader!

P.S.:- If you read it and feel not-so-inspired or think that 'no, you cannot sacrifice your ego and the world is wrong'; DUDE, LET ME BREAK IT FOR YOU- You deserve being laughed upon!

Yeah right!


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