How often do you find
a person to fall in love with?

I found many, in past few years
they all tried to prove their love
Some couldn't resist me
others couldn't hate me less
So, I sit and filter all of 'em tonight
based on the intensity of their love and my pride
I sort them all in categories only three
of humour, sensitivity and mentality that's free!

The initial sorting gives me four names by far
to add on, two names are making me (already) sour!

The first one was teenage love
full of excitement and nervousness
We met, hugged and kissed
he went a step ahead and touched
It didn't bother me much in the start
but then with time
the mirror disgusted me
and I blamed my fucking heart!

This was the longest ill-fated relation I had
I thrust him out of my life; I thank my dad! 

Next was one too close to my heart
strange, I let it even start
But since it did, I thought it would never end
there was distance, but the relation won't bend!
Alas! Not everything happens as you wish
we wanted to hug and kiss and have fun around
1500 kilometres, with distance we were bound
We fought and argued. Oh fish!

Having said that, I never wanted to leave his side
but we bid farewell. (I still love him- I confide!)

Next was a disaster
which I don't even want to talk about
At first I found him witty
with time (like 2 weeks) he became shitty!
It was infatuation, he was full of lust
will make a friend kick my butt, oh I must!
I blame myself for wasting on him, my time
Trust me, he wasn't worth a dime!

Kicking him out of my life was not easy at all
A "no" seemed to have stabbed his ego, so tall!

The one I'll talk about now is strange
I was unaware, he was unexpected
Because I was broken from the last accident
he held me alright till I was fully mend!
He set me free yet held my hand
pushed from a cliff, danced till I landed on sand
He made me feel safe yet so vulnerable
not love; it just made him over-likable!

This one hasn't ended, 'coz it has to end anyway
I just wish that day is far far away!

P.S.:- Don't kill me if you find this utterly crazy or silly. I had to write it. :P
There is a name which I did not include; why? Coz I could never judge it. You know who you are! :)
Thanks for reading!


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