To you, With love!

When I'm low and can't decide
and I see happy couples around and sigh
When I can barely move
'coz the world seems so dull and slow
All I want is to hide!

That's when I think of you
And I die a little inside!

Our love was one of a kind; so discrete
we were so happy and content
Got together just thrice in three years
with uneven heartbeat, every time we were about to meet!

You made me blush each time
But now, I'm dying inside!

Fifteen hundred miles apart
we longed for each other equally
Distance ruins all, they said. Really?
I believed it, when it happened; we fell apart!

The unfortunate day we fought
That day too, I died a little inside!

Misunderstandings cropped up
we couldn't make each other happy
I don't know what we tried to prove
All I wanted was to end this and shut up!

That part of my life, I cried all night
Not knowing to live again or keep dying inside!

After a year and few months passed by
I tried moving on many a times
I couldn't cope up with other boys
You had set the standards so high!

This makes me both happy and sad
Yet I keep dying a little inside!

Today, again I denied one's company
I can't blame the guy alone
I've set the expectations in line with yours
'coz you've given me moments to smile, too many!

I wish I could make things right
I hate this 'dying a little inside'!

There are things which, I now accept
it's only your memories I'll have to live with
even if I regret what happened and cry
You're not dead; we have already said goodbye
Your return, I no more expect!

I loved you and always will
Even if I die inside every day, a little!

P.S.:- Thanks for reading. Same old boring stuff?!
Can't really help! :P


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